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Here is an opportunity to track our progress as we continue our travels.

To see where our travels have taken us; click here Location , you will be forwarded to a site called Shiptrak. To return to our web site, click on the back control on your toolbar.

Once you have been directed to the new page. You will notice on the toolbar an area on the left side that says CALLSIGN followed by a blank box. In this blank area type in wcy8151, this is our VHF call sign and is how our location is tracked. The next area says SHOW followed by an area with a drop down menu, select one of the drop down options then click on VIEW. Our track will load from the drop down menu with the time frame you selected.

You are now ready to see where our travels have taken us. You may zoom in using the selector on the left side of the page or change the terrain view from a selection on the right side of the viewer. As we travel we attempt to add a position every couple of days while we are at sea. This varies with our ability to connect with receivers and weather conditions. When we are in port or anchored we will only put in one location until we change anchorages or head out again on a passage, at that time we will update the site. If the position report is not updated for several days, PLEASE don't get worried. We may be off having fun and just not taking the time to update the sight, though we try to maintain it on a regular basis.